Flea’in on Fridays

You really meet the nicest people when you venture off the beaten path. I happened upon this little pop-up flea/yard sale that a couple lady friends hosted a few weeks ago, and the joy of the hunt was not only in the finds, but in the friendships that I made. Truly, that is probably one of my favorite things about what I do…the people, their stories and connections. And as you can see here, the finds were just as charming as the company.


Thinking this will become a cool bench!

I’ll have hubby fashion a new top & bottom shelf for this guy..

French Flower Market!

By the way, you know have you sometimes have that one item of regret? The one you almost got, but let it go?…the bike, I didn’t get the bike. Darn me, because how amazing would a crop full of pumpkins and fall leaves look in that back basket of hers? Next time!

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