Thrift Finds

Flea’in on Fridays

You really meet the nicest people when you venture off the beaten path. I happened upon this little pop-up flea/yard sale that a couple lady friends hosted a few weeks ago, and the joy of the hunt was not only in the finds, but in the friendships that I made….

Pocketfull of Sunshine

Pocketfull of Sunshine

Can you stand it? The most precious, sunny yellow, polka-dot umbrella (with stand) EVA! Circa 1960’s, looks like it came right outta Barbara Eden’s backyard! Estate sale find today, hang on, wait for it….$5 dolla! Just added a big dollop of happiness to my back deck, now please pass the…

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Me

Goodwill by definition means “cheerful¬†acquiescence”. That sums up the experience that took all of ten minutes just recently at my local Goodwill store! I can drive by¬†several times a week and not feel the tug to stop in, but then there’s the moments like this where it whispers to me…