Afternoon Delight

Funny how you can live in the same city half your life and still not know some of its great treasures. I’m lucky that I have a job that takes me into all sorts of nooks and crannies around town, and normally I’m running on just a granola bar & latte! On this particular day, I’d gone down to the area of 9th & Baltimore to pick up some office chairs. While loading the truck I couldn’t escape the enticing smell that was drifting through the afternoon air. And my rumbling stomach was pestering me to find the source! As I left the back alleyway I immediately spied the old-fashioned street sign on the corner for Milwaukee Delicatessen. Boom, I’m in. And what a sweet surprise awaited inside. The restaurant clearly had a storied past with it’s marbled floors, ceiling murals and carved wood (it dates back to 1900). The working crowd was busy lunching and conversing as I made my way to the back Take-Out counter. The menu is hard-core comfort food like KC Corned Beef sandwiches, Panini’s, Grilled Cheese, and pizzas…all kinds of pizzas, speakin’ my love language. I went with the ‘by-the-slice’ option, but it was more like ‘by-the-platter’! Certainly one of the most savory slices of pie I’ve ever had. I’ll make this one of my go-to retreats when I find myself downtown. Hopefully, next time I can stop and enjoy the scenery as well.


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