I design a space like nobody’s business

Hey there, I’m Pam.

Here’s the thing…

I love thrift store finds, antique shops, estate sales, bold colors, leather, and wood — oh how I love wood! And I love combining them all into some kick-ass rooms, spaces, homes & offices.

I’m a fanatical designer who likes to help people create a unique office or home setting that sets them apart from the average Joe. I value each customer individually and like to crawl into their heads to help them unleash their true desires for their surroundings.

With that data, I hit the trail to uncover lovely finds from the storied past, add some spit and polish, probably even sing to ‘em every now and then (the pieces, not the customers!) I’m partial to vintage, but I love to mix in modern elements. It helps bring balance to the entire picture each and every time!

I’m a small town girl living the country life in a cute little suburb outside of Kansas City, MO. I fell in love for the second time (long story), to a hot Marine Corps jet pilot. You know what I’m talking about, ladies. Together we’ve raised (and continue to) four unique & amazing human beings. You’ll get glimpses of them in random blog posts, cuz they’re just so cool.

The how & why of what I do…

I’m a self-motivator, visionary, creative, excitable kind-of gal. I have a gypsy soul that takes me places all over the world. Oh, well yeah, that pilot connection doesn’t hurt either! But it gives me the chance to seek out cache from different pockets of the globe. I now have years of experience working with every taste, style, and budget. After eons of doing this as a hobby, I created Uncommon Relics to continue to honor the vision God gave me, and create a business I adore. Conforming has never been part of my vocab. I like to put prevailing standards aside and let my freaky flag fly. When it comes to design, I think everyone should be a little unconventional, think outside the atypical box. In the end, I want people to fall into their space with a sigh that says “I never wanna leave this place”.

So stick around and get to know me, cuz I’d really like to get to know you!

My posts won’t always be about home or office creations. You’ll find travel adventures, photography, tips and DIY’s, and even the occasional sale! But one consistent thing you will find is a flair for inspiration, and a lot of mojo to set yourself apart … that much I promise.