3 Smooth Steps to Follow When Building the Home of Your Dreams!

1) Start an organization file. This is a MUST and it’s actually quite rewarding! Head to your local office supply or Target and pickup a filing box with dividers. Tip – try to
find one in your favorite color or pattern … it’ll make you happy each time you reach
for it! And for that matter, give it a name! Something like Creative Crate or Dwelling
Dreams. On each divider, write a tab for the different areas of your home. Example,
mine were things like lighting, flooring, paint ideas, alcove/laundry, master
bedroom, kid’s rooms, misc. finds, etc. In addition to the areas of the house, I had
tabs for the communication from the builder, such as bids/proposals, cost sheets, and
invoices. This beautiful box will become your best friend! When you’re flipping
through magazines and find pictures that inspire you, tear them out and file them.
Add fabric swatches that move you and paint chips you adore! We’ve been in our
home ten years now and I still continue to refer to my “Planning Pod” for reference
materials! Plus, it always takes me back to the memories of putting together the
pieces of our dream home, which was a milestone memory in our lives.

2) Trust your gut. Follow your instincts. Listen to your heart. There’ll be so many
opportunities along the journey of building your home to succumb to ‘builder
pressure’ (cousin to peer pressure). You’ll have ideas of something ‘one way’, but
your builder sees it ‘another way’. If at all possible, outside of outlandishly exceeding
budget, hold firm to your ground. Some builders are traditional and aren’t
accustomed to today’s ‘green’ ideas or unique possibilities. But the bottom line is, it’s
YOUR home and your family will be the ones to reside in it for years to come. You
won’t get a second chance to change the flooring in the kitchen or change from brick
to stone on the exterior — once it’s done it’s done!

3) Dream BIG! A common misconception to that term is that it means BIG dollars. Not
true, in fact, you could come in under budget in certain areas where you want to attain
that dream! Even before we had broken ground on our site, I was shopping estate sales &
auctions to find distinctive lighting, stair newels, reclaimed corbels … and found them
all at a fraction of the cost of new! Not to mention the unique factor is off the chart!
If you’re lucky enough to build your dream home, cherish the journey. What a gift to
have reached that landmark in your life!

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